Sunday, February 14, 2010

WAGGGS Crossword Puzzle - Answers

Thanks so much to Judi for the answers to the WAGGGS Crossword Puzzle!!

Here are the answers:

  2. Pax Lodge

  3. Sangam

  4. Our Chalet

  5. Our Cabana

  6. London

  7. conferences

  8. full

  9. associate

  10. countries

  11. policies

  12. committee

  13. elected

  14. Regions

  15. Hemisphere

  16. committee

  17. Bureau

  18. Thinking Day

  19. Scouts

And Judi goes on to say:
I hope everyone has as much fun finding the answers. The questions before give hints for the ones that follow.
A little research on the internet gave me some help too. What a fun way to learn - this is especially good for the older girls,
and adults.
2nd Leduc Rangers
Girl Greatness Starts Here
Girl Guides of Canada

Thanks again Judi!! The Guiding sisterhood is wonderful.

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